About Us

Taking its name from Mother Earth in Greek Mythology, The Gaia Foundation’s mission centres around the interconnection of all things and life on earth, and around working towards harmony and social and environmental justice for all creatures. Humans are thus included in the equation. Gaia is therefore not just an ecology organisation, but a “whole Earth” organisation.

Gaia’s work is two fold: It works in:

1. Hands on coastal zone and park management which we call “Project Gaia”. Gaia was the first NGO in the Maltese Islands to carry out such project management, and thus we are mostly known for this work. It integrates the management of Natura 2000 sites with that of history, agriculture, beaches and human safety. Amongst other things we have 
i. restored & maintained the Ghajn Tuffieha Tower, 
ii. we promote organic farming and run our own organic olive groves, 
iii. we run a tree nursery and Environment Visitor Centre at Ghajn Tuffieha, to provide Malta with native and indigenous plants, 
iv. we work for human safety on the beaches we manage,
v. we have set up a Peace Grove around the panoramic Ghajn Tuffieha Tower to honour great leaders who have given their lives for a better world.
vi. we manage the Natura 2000 sites of Ramla on the island of Gozo and Ghajn Tuffieha on the island of Malta.
vii. As part of the Heritage Parks Federation we also manage the Majjistral Nature and History Park and the Majjistral Visitor Centre that borders our site at Ghajn Tuffieha and stretches up to the point outside Anchor Bay.

2. awareness raising and information: Over our 20 years of operations we have worked to raise awareness on many issues that we see as interconnected. These have included:

i. sustainable agriculture and the dangers of GMO’s. 
ii. fair trade and the dangers of Int trade agreements that are harmful to both people and planet.
iii. healthy and natural diet 
iv. holistic health and living (including our Gaiafests) 
v. social justice and human rights, through the Initiative for Sustainable Peace and Prosperity (ISPP), which is steered by Gaia, and focuses on transparency and peace in Europe and Palestine and the support of the eco crime initiative.
vi. animal welfare and the support for homeless dogs.
vii. the promotion of clean seas and skies and the disclosure of all operations related to climate (geo) engineering and/or military operations that effect our seas and skies or cause anthropogenic cloud formations and spikes in toxin levels in our air and water.
viii. the promotion of clean sport, through a current campaign to raise awareness about the serious flaws in the doping programmes in the sport of tennis, traditionally seen as a relatively clean sport. The culture of doping in sport is negatively impacting all our youth worldwide. 
ix. marine conservation through the partnering with Sharklab around the Maltese Islands
x. Land based Coastal Conservation, through our Project Gaia Natura 2000 listed in 1 above.
xi. The setting up and running of an eco hamlet in the hills outside Vizzini (CA), Sicily, incorporating organic farming, olive groves, sustainable housing, heating, water management, and clean energy, in line with the Ecovillage principles of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) of which we are a member.
xii. participation in the coalition against spring hunting and the support of a referendum on the issue.

While our project management (“Project Gaia”) focuses on the said integrated coastal and Natura 2000 Management, Gaia believes that all the above human issues are related, and that neither society nor the environment we live in could ever move forward without a leap in human consciousness, greater altruism, awareness of these issues and speaking out against all forms of injustice, inequity and transnational corporate control and manipulation of public entities, public initiatives and the media. 

Our motto is 
“Awareness, Responsibility, Action”. 
We therefore feel that it is also our duty to speak out and raise awareness about such issues.

Gaia has a strict non partisan policy, and any and all statements issued by it should always be construed as addressing important environmental, social, holistic, wellness and justice issues in a constructive and objective manner, with a view to building a better word based upon mutual understanding and respect.

The inter connectedness of all issues and things, and upon the principles of awareness, responsibility and action.

Such statements or positions are not to be taken as supporting or endorsing any political figure, party or manifesto.