Clean Air, Soil and Water

Clean crops – promoting organic farming

Organic farming sits at the top of the healthy food and agricultural best practices pyramids. Gaia is a member of the Malta Organic Agricultural Movement and seeks to:

i. increase public awareness of the benefits of organic food production and consumption

ii. assist farmers in converting to organic farming

iii. promote organic olive production

iv. produce its own organic olive oil.

 – highlighting problems of toxicity in Roundup and other herbicides and pesticides.

Gaia seeks to bring to the public domain the health concerns linked to the use of these agro chemicals, especially Monsanto’s Roundup, which is fast becoming one of the main pollutants that are having a negative impact on public health.

  ii. clean skies – promoting transparency, disclosure and regulation in climate engineering and weather modification

Following years of denial of anthropogenic (human caused) climate change, many of the same persons and companies within the establishment are now trying to promote climate engineering in a desperate effort to counter climate change while maintaining the status quo of excessive use of carbon fuels.

Climate engineering includes trying to reduce sunlight reaching the earth by increasing cloud cover through anthropogenic cloud formation in the upper stratosphere, that is, a process of global dimming to counter global warming. This process is innocuously being called “solar radiation management”. This is sheer madness, and science shows that if increased cloud formation takes place lower down, in the troposphere, where planes can fly, this would actually increase global warming, similar to the Venus effect, taking place on a planet that receives far less sunlight than Earth does, while reaching temperatures over 700 degree. Therefore attempts at solar radiation management may actually make the position even worse and led to runaway climate change. This is therefore considered to be amongst the most serious environmental problems that the earth is facing today.

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