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The Gaia Foundation exists to protect Malta 's environment and promote sustainable living. It was formed in June, 1994

To promote and implement ways through which human beings can interact meaningfully with their environment without denying future generations their right to do the same.

The focus of Project Gaia is the integrated management of specially protected coastal zone areas in the Maltese Islands. In August 1996 the foundation entered into a contract with the Environment Protection Department to manage the Ghajn Tuffieha coastal area. This was renewed in 1998 and again in 2004. It was followed by a management contract for ir-Ramla in Gozo, endorsed by the Department in December 2000. The main objectives set to be achieved by the foundation are:

         to understand and find ways to protect the ecology of the managed sites

         to restore the environmental and cultural aspects of the sites

         to enhance visitors' enjoyment of the sites

         to inform and educate the public on the concept of sustainability, and

         to provide a prototype for similar projects.

Between 2000 & 2003, Project Gaia has been part of the EU Life programme, co-funded by DG Environment (EU) and the Ministry for the Environment ( Malta ), and sponsored by the Bank of Valletta.

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Kicking off on Friday the 11th of May, is being launched by te Gaia Foundation and in collaboration with Green Drinks.
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